Miami Heat 99-76 Indiana Pacers - as it happened!


Final thoughts

Are there ceremonies here for the end of the Conference Finals? I don't even remember, it's been so long since the San Antonio Spurs wrapped up the Western Conference Finals. In any case, the Miami Heat played their best game of the series at the right time to completely demolish an team that gave them a much harder fight than anyone predicted. So, the Heat will be playing in their third straight NBA Finals with a good chance of winning back-to-back championships.

The Pacers really should be commended for the series they played against the Heat, they won't be surprising anybody next season not after the breakthrough performances by Paul George and Roy Hibbert. They were a fun underdog to root for, but eventually the that we all expected came to play.

The Heat are going to have to play more like they did in Game 7 once the NBA Finals start on Thursday. They do have home court advantage over the San Antonio Spurs, who almost certainly will give the Heat at least as much trouble. This should be a really good Finals, at least we hope so because we'll be liveblogging every game here at the Guardian starting on Thursday. This, however, will be it from us tonight, I just want to thank everyone for following Game 7 along with me, especially everybody who helped contribute. Ciao!


From David Jesse:

Pacers just got out-paced by a red-hot-Heat.

I like that. Have you been sitting on that? That's sincerely pretty good.

The H Is O

They are seriously playing "The Heat Is On" right now. I take back everything I said about the "Seven Nation Chant" being the cheesiest thing in sports.

Pacers 76-99 Heat - FINAL

Some other random people make random points and FINALLY it's over! The Miami Heat are going to the NBA Finals!

Pacers 72-97 Heat - 1:00 remaining, 4th quarter

Tyler Hansbrough makes a layup. Could we speed things up here guys? Nope, Mario Chalmers gets on the free throw line. He makes one of two and... a loose ball foul? Come on! *taps imaginary wristwatch in petulant manner to indicate he no longer has time for this*

Pacers 70-96 Heat - 2:09 remaining, 4th quarter

Mahinmi comes in and gets wrapped up with Joel Anthony for a foul that disallows a Green basket. We're just running out the clock here.

Pacers 70-96 Heat - 2:38 remaining, 4th quarter

As a Celtics fan, I'm looking around for Brian Scalabrine just out of habit. Norris Cole makes two jumpers... and then gets himself ejected in garbage time along with Pendergraph. Just a dumb dumb risk for Cole to take and a cheap shot for the Pacers.

Pacers 70-92 Heat - 3:30 remaining, 4th quarter

21 points and 9 rebounds from Dwyane Wade. Not a bad game from him, the Heat will need more like that when they find themselves up against San Antonio.

Something called a Jeff Pendergraph scores for Indiana as they empty their bench.

Pacers 68-92 Heat - 3:44 remaining, 4th quarter

Kyle Alston (@chartermem07)

The Heat can just leave the court and pack their bags for their trip to San Antonio now.

Pretty much.

Pacers 68-92 Heat - 3:44 remaining, 4th quarter

Chris Andersen makes a free throw, Gerald Green gets a shot in, and Miami takes out Dwyane Wade to the applause of the Miami crowd. Oh hey, James Jones still exists, I haven't seen him from here to eternity.

From Dominic Mackey:

Are all these Indiana fouls for Indiana genuine fouls or are part of another "NBA conspiracy"?

Mostly just last gasp desperate strategy to stop the clock at this point.

Pacers 66-91 Heat - 5:07 remaining, 4th quarter

Well, I guess Hibbert is still in there to do some work, he makes a jumper and gets a foul call on it. He finishes up the three-point play and the Heat take out , possibly for good.

Pacers 63-91 Heat - 5:30 remaining, 4th quarter

Wade goes on the free throw line. I really typed in 91 points here before he even made his attempts.

fredrik nygren (@fredriknygren) i guess don't sub Hibbert?

"Dead center walking"

Pacers 63-89 Heat - 5:30 remaining, 4th quarter

George Hill fouls Dwyane Wade, which gives the Miami Heat a chance to take a timeout, presumably to discuss where the best strip clubs in the San Antonio area are.

Pacers 63-89 Heat - 5:37 remaining, 4th quarter

Lance Stephenson makes a shot, and good for him.

And Norris Cole hits a "good night everybody" three-pointer.

Pacers 61-86 Heat - 6:43 remaining, 4th quarter

We're starting to hit the "let's amuse ourselves" part of this one as it plays out. Green uses up another one of his fouls, he's in to take one for the team, to put LeBron James back on the free throw line. He makes them, that's 32 points and here comes "Seven Nation Army".

fredrik nygren (@fredriknygren)

Justin Bieber sitting courtside. Was seen talking tattoos + clothes with Bridman / Craig Sager at the break. (He was not)

This still sounds more fun to watch than Shaq.

Pacers 61-84 Heat - 7:41 remaining, 4th quarter

Paul George fouls out, hugs his teammates. It's been a great, great series for him, nothing but respect. But this one feels over now. Chris Andersen hits both free throws. R.I.P. Pacers.

Pacers 61-82 Heat - 8:19 remaining, 4th quarter

Make that 30 points for LeBron James here, he's not going to risk any sorts of change-making Twitter jokes today.

Pacers 61-80 Heat - 8:57 remaining, 4th quarter

Vogel puts his starters back in with LeBron James on the free throw line after Gerald Green used up another one of his fouls. James finally misses one, but only one.

Thattie (@Jaydefou)

Pacers are being hit left right and centre they gotta do sumthin..this too eazy for the HEATS

We might be in desperate times/desperate measures period sooner rather than later for Indiana.

Pacers 61-79 Heat - 8:57 remaining, 4th quarter

Andrew Churchman emails us, with the subject "Cleveland" and apparently there's some ill-will still over there:


Pacers 61-79 Heat - 8:57 remaining, 4th quarter

Hibbert's trying to keep Indiana in here with a six-foot jump shot. This game will be over when he fouls out. And we have an official timeout.

Pacers 59-79 Heat - 9:24 remaining, 4th quarter

Norris Cole gets to the line after a piece of drama, and makes one of his two free throws.

Pacers 59-78 Heat - 10:36 remaining, 4th quarter

George Hill makes a jumper and Mike Miller fouls to give the Pacers back the ball with a chance to do something. Roy Hibbert dunks. That's certainly something.

Pacers 55-78 Heat - 11:25 remaining, 4th quarter

LeBron James has 25 points now, and I very much doubt that this is the end. The Pacers look defeated on the bench. The crowd is loud. And we have a Gerald Green appearance and he immediately gives a (non-shooting) foul which might be his only purpose here.

And LeBron James makes it 27 points.


ablade (@ablade)

Nice plan by the Pacers; put Bieber in the crowd in a Heat hat. Now even Lebron, Wade and Bosh want Heat to lose!

I'm at the point where I'd rather hear Justin Bieber tracks than that damn "Seven Nation Army" riff sung by arena crowds. That has even ended my crush on Meg White.

Pacers 55-76 Heat - end of the 3rd quarter

And more "Seven Nation Army" chants. I'm trying to give you as much respect as possible Miami crowds! LeBron James goes to the free throw line with a chance to go 12-from-12. He does, and oh in the process he got another foul on Paul George. And that sends the scoring of a monster third quarter for the Heat.

Pacers 55-74 Heat - :20 remaining, 3rd quarter

The Pacers at this point are clearly frustrated and not playing well. Paul George commits a needless foul to put Miami on the line. Chris Andersen makes his two free throws and this really is starting to look out of reach.

Pacers 55-72 Heat - 1:29 remaining, 3rd quarter

The Heat switch out their Chrises, replacing Bosh with Andersen, and Chalmers picks up his fourth foul to put George Hill on the line. Hill hits the first, and can't afford to miss the second, which he doesn't.

Pacers 53-72 Heat - 1:47 remaining, 3rd quarter

And LeBron dishes to Wade for what might be the layup of the game and this building is LOUD. Timeout Indiana.

Pacers 53-70 Heat - 2:09 remaining, 3rd quarter

And there's the fifth foul on Roy Hibbert. Disaster.


Pacers 53-70 Heat - 3:36 remaining, 3rd quarter

And a foul on (hears crowd) I'm guessing Indiana here. Yup, it's on David West who says a few things to the ref. Chris Bosh is on the line here, the whole Big Three are getting in on the freebies, and he makes both.


Pacers 53-68 Heat - 3:36 remaining, 3rd quarter

This is bad. Roy Hibbert picks up his fourth foul, and the Pacers are going to have to be careful with him for the rest of the game. Dwyane Wade is on the line now, and he extends the Heat's lead by two.


Pacers 53-66 Heat - 3:49 remaining, 3rd quarter

And we need a new ball here, as it goes out of bounds off Wade into a spectator's adult beverage. It's going to be Indiana ball and in the ensuing possession Hibbert hits the floor. He makes both free throws.

Pacers 51-66 Heat - 4:26 remaining, 3rd quarter

Indiana bring it in-bounds, they still have 19 seconds on the shot clock. There's Paul George! He makes a tough shot to salvage that possession.

Pacers 49-66 Heat - 4:47 remaining, 3rd quarter

Has anybody seen Paul George by the way?

Pacers 49-66 Heat - 4:47 remaining, 3rd quarter

So yeah, this is not how Indiana wanted to start things.

Katfaj Fajardo (@catfudge)

nice play by play, can you record faster please?

I feel exactly like the Pacers right now, not going to lie, struggling just to keep up with the Miami Heat's scoring.

Pacers 49-66 Heat - 4:52 remaining, 3rd Quarter

Paul George gives a foul to stop LeBron James from hitting a layup. Doesn't matter, LeBron James hits both free throws. George Hill calls a timeout and as well he should.

Pacers 49-64 Heat - 5:24 remaining, 3rd Quarter

James hands off to Wade out of the timeout, who misses it for the first time but gets in the second and draws a foul. He makes the free throw for an old fashioned three point play.

Taj Faucher (@SexualChocolat_)

I'll be pretty disappointed if the pacers don't make a comeback..

It's starting to slip away here, they're going to need for Miami to start making the turnovers or get red hot

Pacers 49-61 Heat - 5:39 remaining, 3rd Quarter

David West gets called on a loose ball foul and the Miami Heat take a timeout just in time to give me a second to catch my breath.

Pacers 49-61 Heat - 6:18 remaining, 3rd Quarter

Bosh gets the ball to Chalmers who makes a seven footer, there is no stopping Miami right now it seems. Even though West responds, they can't keep playing catch-up

Pacers 47-59 Heat - 7:45 remaining, 3rd Quarter

Roy Hibbert gets on the line thanks to Mario Chalmers and makes one of two. That's not going to do much if LeBron is in on.

David West gets jabbed in the eye on one play but makes his very next shot, he can play through some things that guy.

Pacers 44-59 Heat - 8:49 remaining, 3rd Quarter

Roy Hibbert responds with a two-point shot of his own, it's good that he's going because Indiana are going to need him.

Especially if LeBron James has decided he's going to be hitting his three-pointers this half. Heat get some separation.

Pacers 42-56 Heat - 10:06 remaining, 3rd Quarter

Roy Hibbert gets a layup, but Wade gets his hand on a LeBron James miss to answer.

Pacers 40-54 Heat - 11:21 remaining, 3rd Quarter

George Hill hits a three pointer right out of the gate, absolutely necessary for Indiana, but there's no stopping Miami on the other end as Chalmers makes a layup.


fredrik nygren (@fredriknygren)

Can the Pacers sign Jason Kidd for the rest of this game so he can at least not turn the ball over? He won't score but still...

Tweet of the night so far.


Kimjohn✌ (@iamkimmy_j)

I wonder if pacers can beat miami Lol

The way they're playing now? Only if you're referring to the Miami Marlins.

Dwyane Wade

He has been having a decent game, 10 points in 19 minutes plus this moment here courtesy of the NBA's official Twitter.


Beautiful move by D-Wade for the layup as #3 has been aggressive early on in -


Kyle Alston (@chartermem07)

Hmm maybe the Pacers will decide to show up in the third quarter? We'll see. A close game wouldn't be bad eh?

That's what happened last game at least, but typically the Miami Heat actually come out of of the half even more focused. This one could go out of hand quickly.


Tommy Páez (@legendarytommy)

This isn't a game--it's a massacre. It's like I'm watching the NBA version of the Game of Thrones' Red Wedding.

I don't watch the show, so I hope that this tweet doesn't count as a Spoiler Alert for anyone.

Ray Got Game


Firgha Ali Pritantyo (@alifirgha)

why Ray Allen why?, could you please stop your three pointer?, i ask you politely

He missed a few late, but this is looking more and more like the real Ray Allen. Maybe not Hall of Fame SuperSonic Ray Allen, but definitely not "getting schooled by Denzel Washington" Ray Allen.


Steve Busfield (@Busfield)

Enjoy the half-time show: last time we'll see & co in this year's playoffs. I love those guys

Maybe even the last time we see Shaq-as-analyst ever, he speculated hopefully...


Just a reminder that I'm taking your questions and comments here during this liveblog. You can email them to [email protected] or tweet them to .

For instance, we have this one entitled "Marv" from Renee Smith:

Geez, maybe Marv could suit up and play for the Heat. He sure wants them to win!!

Of course he wants him to win, the rating for Spurs/Pacers will be atrocious, nearly everyone who works for television is secretly, or not so secretly, rooting for LeBron and the Heat here for purely selfish reasons.


Indiana doesn't come out with a big third quarter and this one has a blowout written all over it. (But again, keep in mind my terrible track record on predictions here.)

Pacers 37-52 Heat - end of the 2nd Quarter

The Heat come out of the timeout and Wade puts up a beauty of a teardrop to end the first half scoring. An absolute perfect end of a perfect quarter for Miami.

Kyle Alston (@chartermem07)

Unless the Pacers can find a way to get on the good foot for real, they can kiss that opportunity to go to the Finals good-bye.

Pretty much. The Heat playing like this can beat you at your best, if you give them more opportunities you have no shot.

Pacers 37-50 Heat - 0:17 remaining, 2nd Quarter

And Mahinmi draws a foul that gets him on the line, but he misses both. This is why you haven't seen much of him here. Chris Bosh gets the rebound and Miami takes a timeout.


Pacers 37-50 Heat - 0:24 remaining, 2nd Quarter

The Pacers put LeBron James back on the line after being fouled by Ian Mahinmi (oh by the way, Mahinmi is in the game). He makes both free throws.

Pacers 37-48 Heat - 1:12 remaining, 2nd Quarter

Wade gets fouled and takes his first free throws of the game, making them both.

Pacers 37-46 Heat - 1:28 remaining, 2nd Quarter

Ray Allen... misses a three, but Bosh gets the rebound. They are locked in as a team right now.

Or Allen can miss again, and Hill can get the rebound. West draws a foul on LeBron, so the Pacers stay on and Lance Stephenson makes a no hope three pointer and..

HOW DID THAT GO IN? What in...

Pacers 34-46 Heat - 2:56 remaining, 2nd Quarter

West missing that free throw and Ray Allen getting the rebound is one of those small things that feels very very big.

James makes both free throws. At this point it would be shocking if he hadn't.

Kyle Alston (@chartermem07)

The Pacers and all their turnovers is actually kinda hilarious!

This is the kind of sloppy basketball I used to call "Knickery". For obvious reasons. And yes it can be amusing.

Pacers 34-44 Heat - 2:56 remaining, 2nd Quarter

Roy Hibbert just barely holds onto the ball, but gets it to Dave West who makes the layup and an "and one". Except he misses the "and one" which is snatched up the Heat, Ray Allen hits another three pointer and there goes any momentum that there could have been. After a Hill miss, Hibbert fouls LeBron, putting him on the line. The Heat call a timeout.

Michael Noble (@obiwankenoble)

Lebron has that look but it's hardly the Cavs

Everybody's getting involved for the Heat, which is a good thing.

Pacers 32-41 Heat - 4:22 remaining, 2nd Quarter

Wade passes to James for a layup and that's exactly what these Miami fans want to see.

And the Pacers make their 14th turnover. They're not helping themselves.

Pacers 32-39 Heat - 5:31 remaining, 2nd Quarter

George Hill gives his team the most-needed three-pointer of the season to keep them afloat.

Pacers 29-39 Heat - 5:52 remaining, 2nd Quarter

If this isn't more than a blip from Bosh, Indiana's season ends shortly.

Kyle Alston (@chartermem07)

The Heat have got to play smart ball to maintain this lead.

Or they could do this. Yikes.


Pacers 29-39 Heat - 5:52 remaining, 2nd Quarter

West makes a jumper, but unfortunately for him that's completely overshadowed by the reappearance of Chris Bosh from the multiverse, he knocks off five straight points, the last three on a downtown shot assisted by the also recently resurrected Ray Allen and the Pacers call mercy... er, timeout.

Pacers 27-34 Heat - 6:58 remaining, 2nd Quarter

Wade replaces James. The Heat throw the ball off the court for a rare Mimi turnover, but Indiana decided to give it right back. The Miami crowd starts to sing "Seven Nation Army" which is unfortunate. David West gets called for a technical foul on a three-second violation to put Ray Allen on the line where he adds a point.

Aram Mushegian (@arammush)

just a matter of time until Miami gets separation..

It really does seem that way.

Pacers 27-33 Heat - 8:25 remaining, 2nd Quarter

Ray Allen: Not Dead Yet! he hits a three-pointer and LeBron James makes a dunk and the Heat are starting to get scary here.

Pacers 27-28 Heat - 8:59 remaining, 2nd Quarter

Augustin hits both of his free throws, continuing this rare spurt of usefulness.

Firgha Ali Pritantyo (@alifirgha)

That's Paul Hibbert our Big Man

Paul Hibbert would be an awesome combination basketball player. He would be like John Kerry's "Manny Ortiz" in baseball.

Pacers 25-28 Heat - 8:59 remaining, 2nd Quarter

D.J. Augustin is in the game, unfortunately for the Pacers fans, but hey he does something good and draws a foul from Norris Cole. We've hit an official timeout.

Kyle Alston (@chartermem07)

I sure hope this second quarter is better than the first!

This has definitely been better played on both sides.

Pacers 25-28 Heat - 9:15 remaining, 2nd Quarter

Ray Allen would like you to know that unlike Grant Hill and Jason Kidd, reports of his retirement have been greatly exaggerated, he hits a huge three pointer. Hansbrough dunks on the other end, but Chris Andersen, who just isn't going to miss anything ever ever ever again makes his first shot of the game and the Heat have a three point lead.

Pacers 23-23 Heat - 10:25 remaining, 2nd Quarter

There's a call, LeBron gets back to the line after a foul from Tyler Hansbrough. He makes both. Tie game.

Pacers 23-21 Heat - 11:18 remaining, 2nd Quarter

The Miami Heat didn't get the calls in that first quarter, we'll see if that changes in the second quarter. Roy Hibbert starts the scoring in the second with a 22 foot jumper, but the Heat responds when Cole gets the ball to James for a jumper of their own.

Pacers 21-19 Heat - end of the 1st Quarter

Josh Smith (@_Whi5perz_)

Who's gonna win?

The team with that has more points than the other team at the end of the game. That's my guess as a basketball expert.

Pacers 21-19 Heat - end of the 1st Quarter

David Lengel (@LengelDavid)

Not really impressed with anything have offered up thus far. They can thank the for being down just two points.

It has been a pretty poor quarter on both sides. The Pacers offense right now is the biggest defensive threat against the Pacers offense with all of these turnovers.

Pacers 21-19 Heat - end of the 1st Quarter

Paul George makes 1 of 2 free throws after being fouled by Mike Miller. Chris Andersen comes into the game, so it's time to pay close attention. Then George gets to the line once again, this shooting foul on Ray Allen. Again he makes one out of two, not the best free throw performance by anyone. Then George gets called for traveling and LeBron James misses a layup on the other end. The first quarter ends about as goofily as it began scoring-wise.

Pacers 19-19 Heat - 1:10 remaining, 1st Quarter

Oh my. LeBron James follows up with a layup and Wade steals the ball from Hibbert, pushes past Stephenson to score and we have a tied game and the crowd is as loud as they have been all game.


Pacers 19-15 Heat - 2:21 remaining, 1st Quarter

Miller fouls David West in the art of shooting, and West makes both free throws.

Indiana Pacers 17-15 Miami Heat - 2:31 remaining, 1st Quarter

Pacers keep getting their own rebounds, but can't do anything. Then Paul George gets called for a foul on LeBron James, they are just not doing anything with the opportunities they are getting. Haslem comes out, Mike Miller comes in.

But it's George who hits the three-pointer, the Pacers retake the lead.

Indiana Pacers 14-15 Miami Heat - 3:51 remaining, 1st Quarter

Pacers have the ball out of the timeout. The Heat come out with some swarming defense and Indiana can't get a shot off in time, giving the ball back to Miami. The Heat keep doing that, they're going to win this one easily. Can they?

And Chris Bosh gets called for traveling on the other end, negating a Heat bucket. The crowd is not happy.

Indiana Pacers 14-15 Miami Heat - 4:15 remaining, 1st Quarter

It should be noted that that LeBron James scoring opportunity was thanks to a Udonis Haslem steal on George Hill. Capitalizing on this Indiana's team bad ball control is the key to knocking them out, Miami has to make them pay for their turnovers (seven so far this game, by my count).

Indiana Pacers 14-15 Miami Heat - 4:15 remaining, 1st Quarter

LeBron James attempts a three that doesn't go, but Bosh gets a rebound and Haslem gets it in.

And THERE'S LeBron's first field goal, and, not-so-coincidentally, the Heat's first lead. The Pacers take a timeout.

Indiana Pacers 14-11 Miami Heat - 5:24 remaining, 1st Quarter

David West picks up a foul, putting Haslem on the line. He makes one of two. LeBron James is still invisible on the court.

Indiana Pacers 14-10 Miami Heat - 5:50 remaining, 1st Quarter

The Pacers commit yet another turnover as the officials say the ball has gone off of Lance Stephenson, and Mario Chalmers converts a floater on the other end. Which would be great for Miami but Lance Stephenson immediately responds with a made jumper. Miami needs more stops.

Indiana Pacers 12-8 Miami Heat - 6:54 remaining, 1st Quarter

Roy Hibbert picks up his first foul, putting LeBron James on the line. He's gets both, which he's going to need to do throughout this game if they want to advance.

Steve Busfield (@Busfield)

Bosh and Wade hit early baskets. Will they give LeBron the support he needs tonight?

That's a big positive early on, even if the current score doesn't reflect it. Getting them confident is good.

Indiana Pacers 12-6 Miami Heat - 7:05 remaining, 1st Quarter

So yeah, good for Bosh and Wade for scoring early, but right now it's the Heat's defense is the issue. The Pacers could be even more ahead were they not turnover-prone.

ablade (@ablade)

ever wondered how a team of 15 LBJs would do?

I bet Erik Spoelstra is wondering that very same thing right now.

Indiana Pacers 12-6 Miami Heat - 7:05 remaining, 1st Quarter

And David West makes um two straight dunks and that will quiet the Miami crowd real good, a good time for a Heat timeout which they take.

Indiana Pacers 8-6 Miami Heat - 7:54 remaining, 1st Quarter

A George Hill three is less of what Miami needs tonight.

Indiana Pacers 5-6 Miami Heat - 8:32 remaining, 1st Quarter

This is more like it, Lance Stephenson makes a three-pointer, answered by Dwyane Wade who makes an emphatic layup, that's two scoring attempts in a row. Then Chris Bosh makes an appearance and scores two of his own! Exactly what the Heat need.

Indiana Pacers 2-2 Miami Heat - 10:10 remaining, 1st Quarter

And we have a foul on the Indiana Pacers right away. This is fun. No hope that the referees will be putting their whistles away?
Both sides go scoreless for the first minute. Roy Hibbert who hits the first two-point shot of the game, and is immediately answered by Dwyane Wade.